Aero Automatic Sprinklers believes in a safe and reliable work environment where our employees can go home to their families and friends each day and every day.

We believe in teaching and training our employees to enhance their ability to work safe each day.

  • Project Foremen are OSHA 30-Hour Certified
  • Project Foremen are First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
  • Pipe Fitters are OSHA 10-Hour Certified
  • Employees receive hands on and online safety training

With an EMR of 0.41, Aero is an industry leader; this rating is a reflection of our commitment to working safe each day.

Our successful safety culture includes:

  • A full-time Certified Safety Professional and Safety Staff
  • New Hire Orientation comprised of various adult learning techniques
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Pre-Task Planning (Recognize – Eliminate – Document)
  • Daily Stretch and Flex
  • Weekly Toolbox Meetings
  • Bi-Weekly Safety Calls Project Leadership
  • Company Safety Procedures Manual
  • Quarterly Mass Safety Meetings
  • Periodic Onsite Safety Assessments
  • Incident Reporting and Return to Work Protocols

One Page Safety Plan

Aero has created a safety plan to promote the basic fundaments of building a safety culture to its employees. This tool helps promote exceptional safety performance by helping our employees understand the expectations and allowing them take ownership of their own safety and of those around them.

Recognize – Eliminate – Document (RED Book)

Employees are required to complete a safety assessment of their operations before commencing work and/or when conditions change. The RED Book assists our employees in recognizing the potential hazards then reducing their exposure through protection, prevention, or elimination.

Craft Voice in Safety (CVIS)

Craft Voice in Safety creates a culture where everyone has a voice. Craft are taking care of craft, in a partnership with management, through ownership, communication and prevention to achieve our goal of Nobody Gets Hurt.